Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 6 Edmonton

Wednesday, February 20th

Today was an odd day.

When we arrived at the NICU it was closed to all visitors.  Apparently when babies are too sick to be moved from the ward they actually perform the surgery there.  The area had been sterilized and the planned surgery was moments away from starting.  I hate to say it, but nothing... not even a surgery was going to keep me from seeing my daughter.  I think the nurse at the desk saw the desperation and determination in my face and let us in... If only to see her briefly and make sure she was doing ok.  We were a little shocked to find out that she had been totally taken off one of her heart medications during the night, we had been under the impression that this process could take a few days. Her vitals were strong and unchanged without the drug, this is a very positive step.  The doctors had also started lowering the levels of her ventilator in anticipation of removing it in the near future. They are now watching to see how her heart reacts to the greater workload.  I really wanted to talk to the doctor during her rounds but it was just not meant to be.

We spent the next few hours sitting and waiting in the family lounge at the hospital. Time seems to evaporate in the hospital and before we knew it two hours had gone by so we headed back.

It was a tough morning for Dan... the lack of progress and feeling of helplessness was really wearing him down. He found it very hard to sit still for any length of time so we did not stay very long.

When we headed back after a lunch break my plan was to get a thorough update from the first doctor or nurse I recognized.  I was even  prepared to be aggressive if necessary,  thankfully it didn't come to this.  Ellie's nurse was amazing (of course) and when I voiced my feelings (in a non-threatening or aggressive way) she made sure to tell me what she knew AND flagged down a doctor and had her talk to me.  We finally got the results from her head MRI... they came back normal.  Praise The Lord!  They were also pleased with how she was dealing with the lack of support from the breathing tube but they wanted to wait to see how her heart was going to react before it's totally removed.  Unfortunately she dislikes it immensely, almost as much as me.  I hate how she can't make any noise, the coughing is incredibly disturbing to witness.  A part of me just wants to rip it out BUT then I remember what happened when they put it in and I just suck my feelings up.

It was really nice to see my uncle Jock today and have him pray for us.  It was after this that Dan seemed more like himself... Or more like how he's been since this craziness began.  We were going to go out for dinner with him and his family tonight but plans changed when the nurse organized a massive undertaking for me... I got to hold Eliana!  It took no less than three people to move her with all of her tubes attached to her.  I was giddy like a kid.  Ellie stared into my eyes and I enjoyed talking and singing to her.  I think I motivated other moms in the ward to sing to their babies because I soon heard other songs wafting through the air.  If I was a self-conscious person I might have been intimidated by the amazing voice I heard in the next station.  Two and a half hours later I had to give her back and we retired for the night.

What started as one of the toughest days turned into the sweetest.  I know there's a lesson to be learned in that.


  1. Hallelujah !! So good that you have some good news! We will keep praying....

  2. Yes, we sure will. You have an army of those sending love and prayers. How wonderful to hear that no matter where you go, you have the ability to touch hearts and lives.

  3. this makes me sooo happy! sending more love your way.

  4. Praise the Lord!!! Wow holding your precious baby....what a blessing from God for you today.

  5. I can't believe it's been a week already. I can't stop thinking about you, and won't, until you are all home safely.
    Huge hugs,

  6. I am sitting here crying - the moment I read that you got to hold Eliana the tears started flowing! Something we take for granted too many times is such a precious gift!

    I will keep you all in my prayers Mel!

  7. Hey Dan & Mel,
    We've been following your story and praying a lot for you these last few days and will continue as long as its needed. Thank you for allowing us to share in your joys and in your pain.
    Theresa &Kelly

  8. Dan & Mel ~ please know that you are in our prayers ~ Dean & I are committed to come along side with you during this time and hold you before the Lord. May you find peace in His presence and know that you sit in the very hollow of His hands. So so glad that you were able to hold Eliana ~ the power of touch! Keep singing Mel! Love & Prayers, Denise

  9. We're praising the Lord for every step forward in this journey. I'm so glad you were able to hold and sing to Ellie. Trust there will be many more precious times like this. You are continually on my heart, you never leave my thoughts, and as I say this I am reminded that His mercies are new every day, His compassions fail not, great is His faithfulness Lamentations 3:22 - God bless you. Love and prayers always, JO

  10. Praise God! For the good news, myself and my family have started praying for her since I heard of this issue on Thursday evening! The Lord that has power to rise the death, he makes the blind see, he gives the barren child, he has the power to do it again, he says "all the power in heaven and on earth has been given to me" He will perform his miracle again in Ellie's life, he will touch every part of her body, from head to toe, there shall be healing! the angel of God Almighty will surround her, through Ellie perfect health, a lot of people will give their life to Christ. There is power in the word, prophesy into her life and continue singing for her. We loves you and we can't wait to see Ellie in WEC!!!

  11. Dearest Melanie,
    I first heard about what was going on with your precious Eliana through an email from Nancy at Faith. I'm so glad she sent an update. The funny thing is you and Eliana had been very much on my mind a few weeks ago as I thought it would be nice to meet your little girl and you our little Eden. You've continued to stay much in the forefront of my thoughts and I pray for you often. We're standing with you in prayer in all of this. What a beautiful baby girl she is by the way!

    Angie Pickel