Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 11: Edmonton

Monday, February 25

We woke today almost feeling refreshed and ready for a new day.  The morning anxiety we had experienced over the previous ten days felt much less as we made our daily migration to the hospital. It sounds flippant, but it was the first time that we anticipated an "easy" day. The uneventfulness of Sunday had us feeling confident and ready to face the day.   Collectively our emotions were more settled and we were ready to focus all of our positive thoughts and prayers on Ellie.  We looked forward to another day of the same and we weren't disappointed.

When we arrived Ellie was just waking from a sound ten hour sleep and she was ready to entertain all the passing nurses. Dan was very happy that her signature mohawk hairdo had lasted the night and it drew many comments from all who passed by. Everything was rather surreal, if we took away all the tubes and monitors it almost felt like a normal morning.

Her feeding over night had gone very well so the feeding goal for the day was to increase the amount she received by 1 ml every three hours. Unfortunately this minuscule increase did little to alleviate Ellie's hunger. As a result we spent much of the day playing and keeping her occupied in between feeds.

She was able to relax and have two catnaps while in our arms throughout the day and one good solid nap by herself  in the late afternoon.  These were her first "sleep aid" free sleeps since we had arrived. More and more she is returning to the baby that we have spent the past thirteen weeks getting to know.

The day simply flew by and we were both exhausted from coming up with creative ways to entertain her with the surrounding medical equipment. To celebrate the amazing day we ordered pizza from our favourite halal pizza place and tried to relax ourselves.

Our prayers continue to be that we  stay on this current course of recovery.


  1. I'm thinking maybe her Nana should fly there for the weekend to help entertain her! It is so wonderful to see change and progress every day!

    Love, Nana

  2. We are joining in this prayer of continued strength and recovery ~ Blessings and prayers for all, Denise xo

  3. Praising God for another "good" day and we continue to pray for recovery to continue. It was so wonderful to see her smiling face again today -- thank you for sharing these pictures. Mel, she'll be making cards with us before we know it;)

  4. Loved seeing that lovely smile. Dan have you missed your calling as a hair dresser. Our kids (Adrian and Catherine) send their love and best wishes. Everyone knows Ellie's name and I share her progress and yours daily. Love to you all, Mary Jean

  5. Praise the Lord! We're rejoicing with you on her progress. This is fantastic and we'll continue praying and believing for a full and speedy recovery. She looks so adorable, please give her a kiss on the cheek for me. She has great hair, I've always said that and always will :) Love Jo xoxoxo

  6. So good to hear she's having a more peaceful day. Still praying for you all.

  7. Her smiles are heart-melting. So glad she is smiling again. Also glad we got to see you. Continuing to pray for you all.

  8. we really appreciate you keeping us up to date on this blog...we remain with you throughout it all in thoughts and prayers. blessings to the 3 of you!!
    Cam and Corrina

  9. that is fantastic! We are continuing to pray for and with you all.
    Robyn Wiebe